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Equipped with the knowledge required by the wide range of applicable technologies, our specialists carry out planning, development, implementation, and project management in the following fields:

  • Projektmanagement

We perform project management and advisory activities according to our own methodology, which we developed based on the project management methodologies (PRINCE I-II. – Projects in Controlled Environments), which is also recommended by the Informatics Inter-ministerial Committee of the Hungarian Government, as well as the experience that we have gained from our previous projects. We perform high quality project management, quality assurance, and training activities in projects for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in informatics, telecommunication, transportation, energy, and educational projects for central and municipal governments.

  •      Quality assurance

The most important aspect for our company is to represent quality. Reflecting this priority, we provide quality assurance in accordance with the recommendations of the PRINCE international methodology and the ISO 9001:2000 and 27001:2005 standards in informatics, telecommunication, transportation, energy, and educational projects for central and municipal governments, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

  •     Development

We carry out project management and quality assurance for developments in subjects that are a priority in the development projects of the European Union. Moreover, we also provide such activities in the development projects of the other divisions of our company.

  •     Training

We undertake the organisation and realisation of training programmes of the European standard. The same scope of activities includes the preparation of high quality training materials (paper-based, digital, multimedia, and e-learning). We plan our training programmes in accordance with our own internal quality assurance system, maximally considering the interests of our customers.

  •     Banking engineering activity

We offer advisory activities in the case of development loans for certain credit institutions, helping financial institutes to ensure the proper direction and eligibility of the developments realised in the given subject. Naturally, we also participate in the technical supervision of the utilisation of the investment or product manufacturing of the loans to be granted.


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