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The specialists of our company have extensive experience in the planning, implementation, and operation of traditional and trunked, as well as analogue and digital radio systems. We undertake the connection of the radio system to any type of telecommunication or IT systems. We consider it a field of key importance to build and introduce informatics solutions running on installed radio systems and activity management systems.

Informatics technology

Similar to other applied sciences, well-considered planning and high quality implementation based on the plans are of key importance in informatics. There are a large number of software and hardware products for almost any informatics problem. However, technology does not result in real solutions without professional planning. Knowing this rather well, the specialists of our company, who have the knowledge required for the wide range of the applicable technologies, perform competent work in the following fields:

  •           IT operation development
  •           IT safety, risk management
  •           business and IT auditing
  •           project management
  •           quality assurance and professional advisory
  •           preparation of IT safety plan and rules
  •           compliance with domestic and international (ETSI) standards
  •           network of radio, telephone, and GSM systems
  •           fingerprint-based systems
  •           governmental radio and telecommunication systems
  •           service development
  •           hardware development
  •           software development, deployment management systems.



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