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The Energy and Environment division carries out the development, specialist, planning, implementation, quality assurance, and project management activities connected to the technical, technological, and maintenance related tasks, primarily for electricity supply – transportation, fitting, and maintenance – companies and power stations, in the following fields:

  •           transformers,
  •           power plant investments,
  •           complex energy systems,
  •          realisation of research orders for the Hungarian government, municipal organs, environmental and multinational companies,
  •           sale of technology and know-how,
  •           performing patent administrational activities,
  •           starting environmental special training programmes, professional conferences, and the publication of specialised materials,
  •           provision of a tender writing service, organisation of tendering consortiums, and carrying out lobby activities,
  •           advisory related to market introduction and business development,
  •           operation of environmental data bank, market analysis,
  •           EU environmental advisory,
  •           co-operation in investment-related and organisational tasks,
  •           provision of environmental safety and management advisory services (in environmental safety issues, in special issues related to pollutant processing, sewage and waste collection, fire protection, population protection and disaster preparedness, transportation and neutralisation of hazardous substances, as well as the safety issues of hazardous plants),
  •           legal advisory and insurance advisory related to the above issues,
  •           environmental safety IT and planning advisory,
  •           safety and advisory services for investors
  •           preparation of safety analyses and situation assessments.




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