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The legal predecessor of our company, Inter Elektro Hajó Kft., was founded in 2006. Our main activity is the manufacturing, development, resale, and rental of electric boats, technical research and development, engineering activities and advisory, technical examination, and analysis, as well as the construction and operation of ports.


We are positively committed to developing water transportation, while we also pay special attention to the protection of the environment. We build cost-effective, environmentally friendly electric engines in the electric boats and we fit smaller vehicles with pure battery drive. The application of drive systems that are particularly developed for water vehicles serve for environmentally aware transportation, in addition to protecting the fauna of our lakes and rivers. Using a battery powered electric drive chain, the pollutant emissions of the vehicles can practically be reduced to zero.


Boats equipped with combustion engines are not allowed on a significant proportion of the Hungarian inland waters, which is why our company offers electric boats for rent and thereby provide pleasant moments to our customers who would like to obtain memorable waterside experiences at business events, partner meetings, team building events, or weekend family programmes.


Electric boats can also be used within environmentally protected areas and no water driving licence is needed, while their maintenance need is minimal.


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