Through its seven subsidiaries, ITK Holding Zrt. is present in a wide range of sectors, from the automotive industry to transport integrators in the field of mobility, infocommunication, real estate and even urban development. Through the close cooperation of our subsidiaries, our Group is able to meet the specific requirements of our partners and contribute to the rise of the nation’s industry by providing complex services. Our professionals range from highly experienced to young and innovative. Excellent professionals are essential to our ability to respond quickly to ever-changing market needs and to play a leading role in developing solutions to meet the challenges of the modern age. Our company has become one of the most dynamically developing companies in Hungary.

Quality, stability, the environment, human values, mobility and sustainability are our priorities. We aim to reflect this in all our projects, services and products. We are proud of the successes of our partners, which we have supported and continue to support with all the means at our disposal, in strategic alliances with nationally and internationally renowned partners.

Since its establishment, our company has been striving to contribute as much as possible to the development and modernisation of the country’s industry, economy and infrastructure. We provide secure jobs for our employees in many regions of the country. We also play an active role in the theoretical and practical training of our staff in the automotive industry and in the renewal of human resources.

We are confident that we can continue our successful cooperation with our current partners in the future and expand the circle of customers who vote us confidence!


The predecessor of ITK Holding Ltd. has been established


Our company starts its activity on the field of vehicle development and operation, infocommunication, mobile telecommunication and broadcasting


We put electricity network into operation in the city of Pécs


Our company achieves a major breakthrough in the hungarian market of traffic control system


Exclusively we start our activities as private transport operator and we open our first factory in Debrecen 


We put the first purely electric bus with type certification of our country into operation


We take part as an integrator of the public transportation in Budapest


After obtaining the type certificate entitling to series production we start the series production of vehicles in Debrecen 


We inaugurate the 5000 square-meters Educational-Training Centre and Experimental Plant of Inter Traction Electrics Ltd in Debrecen and and the same time we present our first self-developed bus for city transport called Mercedes-Benz REFORM 500 LE 



Our company continues its activities with the involment of a high-level professional investor called MOL Ltd


We present our next development, the Mercedes-Benz REFORM 501 LE autobus designed for suburban transport


With our new model called Mercedes-Benz REFORM-S School we bring the future of child transportation


In Kecskemét we start our comprenhensive integrator activity in the field of transport 


Our factory in Debrecen expands with 5000 square meters for production


The newest subsidiary of our company called ITK City Operations Ltd. dealing with operational tasks of Debrecen has founded 


We introduce our own developed and manufactured Mercedes-Benz REFORM 600 bus designed for long-distances