Sustainable mobility

Élhető városok, élhető infrastruktúrával.


Mobility is an eternal human desire. To move and be on the move, to leave and arrive, to get to and from, to be somewhere else: quickly, comfortably, enjoyably. The joy of movement, of bridging distance, of mastering far – part of modern man’s everyday life.

This requires continuous development, joint thinking, alignment of desires and opportunities, knowledge, experience, commitment to safety, and the ability to create systems that work.

Mobility: freedom

We believe that mobility and system organisation based on environmental responsibility are not limited by technological constraints. The opportunities for mobility are limitless, and it is our responsibility to exploit these opportunities in a sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible way.

Mobility: responsibility

We believe that technological developments and the opportunities for mobility can be used in harmony with the values of the natural environment. We create new system solutions, based on original, long-standing development and operational experience, which effectively serve the need for mobility without limits, based on environmental responsibility.

Mobility: innovation, development, joint thinking

We believe in experience and professionalism, but complex solutions require cooperation, joint thinking and mutual development. Just like the systems we create, we are a complex network of parts, whose components support and reinforce each other. While we strive to serve and support the needs, desires and hopes of our customers with complex and working solutions, we create new needs and opportunities through our developments, joint thinking, questions and answers.

Mobility: serving experience

We believe that we learn something new every day. About machines, technology, operation. Even more about the people who use day after day what we dream up and implement. For us, mobility is about more than technical development, machines, equipment, wires and chips: it’s about people. We see people getting on buses, boats, cars, driving trucks, managing fleets of vehicles, drivers responsible for the safety and efficiency of transport systems.

Mobility: a force for innovation and renewal

We believe that through our continuous research and development we are laying the foundations for sustainable and responsible mobility of the future.
Mobility: sustainability

Perhaps the most important societal challenge of the 21st century is to protect our environment and continuously improve sustainability in all areas of life. This is essential if we are to have liveable cities with liveable infrastructure for the future. Our Group has been committed to sustainability since its inception and is committed to making it a priority in its operations and in the way it engages with its employees and partners. We place particular emphasis on developing and producing vehicles that minimise emissions in public transport. In addition to the ongoing production of state-of-the-art diesel vehicles that comply only and exclusively with the highest environmental standards, we have also started to prepare the series production of buses with alternative propulsion systems.

We are committed to continuously supporting socially important efforts through which we can contribute directly and indirectly to the development of our environment. To this end, we support institutions, NGOs, sports clubs and individual initiatives in achieving socially valuable goals..