Green Bus Programme 2020.08.14.


Green Bus Programme – Certified electric bus manufacturer/distributor partner


A major challenge and yet a key challenge of 21st century transport is to commit to environmentally friendly solutions and contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment. Given that a quarter of the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, a major focus must be on clean, green, efficient public transport.

In September 2019, the Hungarian government adopted the concept of a national bus strategy, the Green Bus Programme.

The Green Bus Programme aims to replace the public transport bus fleet by encouraging domestic bus production, reducing the average age of buses in operation, the emission values and maintenance and operating costs of bus transport, and improving the quality of travel services. At the press conference, Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics and State Secretary for Energy and Climate Policy Péter Kaderják spoke about the government’s plans, one of which is to have only electrically powered buses in major towns and cities from 2022.

By obtaining the status of a qualified partner in consortium with EvoBus Hungária Kft., we were given the opportunity to be the first in Hungary to introduce and test the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric bus within the Green Bus Demonstration Model Project.In September 2020, the bus was used in public transport in Debrecen for one month, on a daily basis, on several routes. The bus was free of charge for the citizens of the city. While presenting our product to the travelling public and the city administration, we were able to test the vehicle and the related infrastructure and other tasks (electric bus charger, charging infrastructure, passenger information, training, servicing) in a live environment. In addition, we successfully applied for the status of “Qualified Electric Bus Chargers and their supplying partners” in four categories.