INTER TAN-KER Zrt. and the Kecskemét Transport Centre Ltd. have expanded their premises in the framework of a new infrastructure development 2021.10.04.



As a result of the cooperation between INTER TAN-KER Zrt., the Municipality of Kecskemét and the Kecskemét Transport Centre Ltd., an investment of nearly 60 million HUF was completed at the joint site of the two companies in Kecskemét. The inauguration ceremony of the newly developed areas took place on 4 October 2021 with the participation of Dr. Tamás Homoki, Deputy Mayor of Kecskemét, Ernő Hári, Managing Director of Kecskemét Transport Centre Ltd. and György Kossa, CEO of ITK Holding Zrt. Thanks to the infrastructural development, the bus parking area has been expanded by fifteen parking spaces, so that the site can now accommodate a total of sixty-six buses involved in public transport. In addition, a car park has been added to provide secure parking for staff and guests. The project included the repair of the entire bus parking pavement and the preparation of charging equipment for electric buses.

The final phase of the development involved the grassing of open spaces and the planting of trees. The total amount of the investment has been advanced by INTER TAN-KER Zrt. and will be recovered by the end of the ten-year service contract, included in the kilometre fee paid as compensation for the provision of public transport.

“We have a very good cooperation with the municipality and the Kecskemét Transport Centre Ltd, so we can improve the quality of the service by thinking together in everyday life. By preparing the charging equipment for electric buses, we are also preparing for the future technology to be introduced in Kecskemét,” said CEO György Kossa.

Ernő Hári, Managing Director of the Kecskemét Public Transport Centre Ltd. said, “Their public service partner is very constructive, and a well-functioning relationship is necessary to ensure that we no longer have to talk about a large number of complaints about public transport in Kecskemét, but about passenger responses that improve the quality of service.”

Dr. Tamás Homoki, Deputy Mayor of the City of Budapest, said, “The city can cooperate very well with INTER TAN-KER Zrt. The site was designed to meet the challenges of the times, it was a thorough job, but in the course of everyday use new circumstances arose, to which it is advisable to respond as far as possible. And although the site was working well, it needed to be expanded to accommodate electric buses.”