Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. promotes the social integration of people with disabilities. 2021.07.12


In Hungary, there are a significant number of people who suffer significant disadvantage in society on a daily basis because of their health conditions. The subsidiary of ITK Holding Zrt., Inter Traction Electrics Kft. and the Reformed Parish of Debrecen-Nagytemplom would like to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities in Hungary, especially in the City of Debrecen and its region. To this end, György Kossa, CEO and Dr. Károly Fekete, Bishop-Pastor of the Reformed Parish of Debrecen-Nagytemplomi signed a letter of intent on behalf of the Group on 12 July 2021 in Debrecen.

Under the cooperation, people with disabilities can do meaningful work at the bus manufacturer in Debrecen and therefore receive fair remuneration. During the press event, the future “colleagues” were shown how they can get involved in the bus production process: during the event, the previously trained disabled people cut insulating material to size for the new buses that will soon be on the road in Debrecen. It is envisaged that the workers will be able to take part in other work processes, such as the production of cable whips.

The persons with reduced working capacity will start to perform the tasks provided for in the contract with the Open Door Social Centre of the Reformed Parish of Debrecen-Nagytemplom from September 2021.  The work will be carried out in a building near the Nagytemplom, which is used by the social centre, and will undergo major renovations to create workstations that are convenient and easily accessible and provide safe working conditions.