We have principles, a commitment that we take seriously beyond words.

Cooperation and development

…with 20 years of knowledge and experience

ITK Holding Zrt. is committed to providing a full range of solutions to support the activities of members of society, including citizens, government, local authorities, multinational, small and medium-sized enterprises in the fields of transport, IT, telecommunications and energy.

We believe that the satisfaction and trust of our partners, and the high added value of our products and services, are essential to the success of our Company. We perform our tasks to high moral, professional and economic standards


We strive for complexity in our systems and their implementation. For us, this means nothing less than creating a new entity from the elements of the system. We also look for systems and opportunities in our customers’ desires.


We are committed to understanding our partners’ goals and providing forward-thinking solutions to meet their needs beyond their expectations, making their work easier and more efficient.


Our systems and the way we operate them help to develop the technical tools for mobility in harmony with the environment, thus becoming an ecosystem in its own right. In implementing these developments, we strive for symbiosis with the values of the environment and people.