They said about us

We are very proud of the opinions that acknowledge the efforts of our company and our staff, and that give us great strength to achieve our future plans.

„To protect the economy, to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the crisis, we will spend the equivalent of around 18-20% of GDP, HUF 9200 billion over the next three years. This historic action plan to protect the economy gives us hope that Hungary can emerge from the crisis of the last decade, as it did from the virus crisis, stronger. Based on the performance of the past years, hi-tech companies like ITK Holding Zrt. can be the engines of economic recovery.”

Palkovics László

innovációs és technológiai miniszter

“To protect the economy, to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the crisis, we will spend the equivalent of around 18-20% of GDP, HUF 9200 billion over the next three years. This historic action plan to protect the economy gives us hope that Hungary can emerge from the crisis of the last decade, as it did from the virus crisis, stronger. Based on the performance of the past years, hi-tech companies like ITK Holding Zrt. can be the engines of economic recovery”

Mosóczi László

az Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium közlekedéspolitikáért felelős államtitkára

“Debrecen’s development is based on a strong economy, which creates the potential to become the transport, education, tourism and cultural centre of the region. ITK Holding Zrt. and bus manufacturing can be a strong bastion of this economy. The company not only creates jobs, but, in cooperation with the University of Debrecen and the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre, it also supports the city’s education system and promotes its development.”

Dr. Papp László

Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város Polgármestere

“Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. has successfully passed all – four in number – audits carried out by EvoBus GmbH, which have accompanied the entire vehicle production process. The inspection activities of the EvoBus auditors covered the phases of vehicle design, technical competence for the start of production, outline assembly and final assembly. As our partner has met all the Daimler standard requirements, the fully assembled bus will be entitled to use the Mercedes-Benz star and lettering. I would therefore like to congratulate the ITK Group wholeheartedly on this great achievement.”

Jörg Schmidt

a Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. korábbi ügyvezető igazgatója

“The bus family has now started to grow. The intercity/suburban bus, launched by the local manufacturer in December, offers an ideal solution for regional transport. We are convinced that the cooperation we have started with our partner ITK Holding Zrt. will be a real success story in Hungary, with a new business model for us, chassis transport. We assume that these vehicles with a very high Hungarian added value will find their place in the Hungarian bus manufacturing market segment.”

Günther Kopács

az EvoBus GmbH közép-európai térség egykori értékesítési igazgatója

„Almost exactly one year ago to the day, we announced that Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. had been awarded the status of Mercedes-Benz ‘VanPartner’ for the development, design and production of small passenger vehicles (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, V-Class, etc.). Since then, work has been diligently pursued and the product line has been audited: the professionalism of the design, quality and reliability have been confirmed. As a result, we have developed our ‘VanPartner’ cooperation more closely and Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. is now authorised to develop not only internal combustion engines but also electric small commercial vehicles.”

Szilveszter Tibor

a Mercedes-Benz haszonjárművek értékesítési és marketingigazgatója

“We have gained another dual partner. INTER TAN-KER Zrt. is and is likely to remain a key player at local and regional level. This could lead to a long-term cooperation and a fruitful relationship for us.”

Ignácz Bence

a Kecskeméti Szakképzési Centrum főigazgatója

“This company has not only a distinguished past and present, but also a well-defined vision. To me, this means that the management has a conscious vision of running the company and growing its assets through a series of successive stages and long-term strategic thinking. During the discussions, it also became clear to me that Inter Tan-Ker Zrt. has a completely different attitude towards its customers and its employees, and that it has a completely different innovative way of thinking about public transport than we have experienced in our everyday life in Kecskemét. “

Hári Ernő

a Kecskeméti Közlekedési Központ ügyvezetője

“I am pleased that ITK Holding Zrt. has achieved innovative and international successes over the years, and that they are now able to start participating in public transport services in a third city besides Budapest and Debrecen, in addition to bus production. The company’s profile is mainly focused on bus manufacturing, which is, in addition to human resources, the bus itself and the services it provides, as it is the next means of transport after the bus driver that residents encounter and use. I am glad that Hungarians design it, that Hungarians develop it, and that the developers of the technology are cooperative partners. It will be a new product for Hungary that we can be part of.”

Szemereyné Pataki Klaudia

Kecskemét Megyei Jogú Város polgármestere

“The overall aim of the national bus strategy is to ensure that the domestic fleet is as modern as possible. In the longer term, we plan a gradual and cost-effective full switch to clean, predominantly electric vehicles for public transport. Our priority is to ensure that the buses we plan to procure in Hungary are mainly of domestic production. The ITK Group is a good example of this, as the school bus prototype presented here is also a product with high domestic added value. The internationally renowned basic design, created by a foreign company, was developed and machined by Hungarian specialists, with the help of Hungarian ideas, combining the ideas of Hungarian designers, into a safe and reliable vehicle. These road safety and passenger restraints are the future of child transport. The school bus is now equipped to the same standard as a top-of-the-range passenger car.”

Schanda Tamás

Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium (ITM) parlamenti államtitkára

„Just two weeks ago, the National Swimming Programme was launched in Hungary as a pilot project to teach kindergarten, first and second grade children to swim. ITK Holding Zrt. is an important partner in this project, helping to get children from educational institutions to swimming pools. During the test period, 16 buses will transport 3200 children from 83 participating schools in Debrecen, Tokaj, Móro and Budafok, but we hope to soon launch the programme throughout the country”

Dr. Wladár Sándor

olimpiai bajnok magyar úszó, a Magyar Úszó Szövetség elnöke

“Two powerful organisations have found each other in the interest of the weak in the form of the Reformed Church District of Tiszántúli and ITK Holding Zrt., when they signed a cooperation agreement for the meaningful employment of people with disabilities. We believe that work should not be a curse on people, since God the Creator has given us the gift of being able to do even the most delicate jobs. To think things out, to plan and to do them, is the work of a godly man. We would like to see this human trait in people who are written off by others, not held accountable, not employed, and not counted on for their work. In partnership with ITK Holding Zrt. we believe that for them, too, we need to find activities that they can make themselves useful, that will bring them from the world of welfare into the world of work, and that they can perform the tasks according to their own abilities.”

Dr. Fekete Károly

a Tiszántúli Református Egyházkerület püspöke

“I’m delighted that there is a company in Debrecen that embraces its Reformed affiliation. This common ground and common faith is what started us on this journey, it is what we can build on. Our common task is to make life better for others through quality change. The motto of ITK Holding Zrt. – sustainable mobility – also fits the Christian community. Vertical mobility is also important for us, as we meet many people who ask for our help and support in various matters. And we try to help in our own way, and if someone can get involved in that, it can bear blessed fruit. Today is an excellent example of that.”

Oláh István

a Debrecen-Nagytemplomi Református Egyházközség elnök-lelkipásztora

„Even though the technology is not yet at the stage where we are able to run hundreds of kilometres a day with electric vehicles, I myself would be happy if in a few years’ time only electric buses would be running in Budapest. Nevertheless, today is an important step on the road to this goal, as the developments that have been started and the emergence of new green directions show a promising future. Our intention is clear. We want to improve public transport, improve air quality and create a greener city.

Karácsony Gergely

Budapest főpolgármestere

„The relationship and cooperation between the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre and the ITK Group is rooted in deep experience and close cooperation. One of the most important pillars of the new vocational training strategy and legislative environment is to make vocational training a career path for students. We can all see that learning a trade in Debrecen means a future. ITK Holding Zrt. has been open and helpful in supporting students in vocational education and training in the past, and they have received very high quality training. The most important part of the strategy is to make vocational training practice-oriented, providing usable knowledge. The ITK Group has already provided the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre with a minibus for educational purposes, as well as a lot of equipment and technological facilities. The current donation, this Mercedes-Benz self-propelled chassis, gives a new impetus to our cooperation and certifies for the students and those who choose vocational training that they can get extremely modern, fresh and innovative knowledge at the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre and ITK Holding Zrt.”

Tirpák Zsolt

a Debreceni Szakképzési Centrum kancellárja

„One of the major innovative steps of the Foundation University is that we have created a unified system of education and science in cooperation with companies, government and local educational institutions, in which the corporate community accepts the University of Debrecen as a central player. Our research is receiving positive feedback, which also confirms that we are combining academic work with industrial work culture in the right way. The combination of this influences the competitiveness of the university, to which partners such as ITK Holding Zrt. contribute significantly.”

Prof. Dr. Szilvássy Zoltán

a Debreceni Egyetem rektora

“The unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz REFORM 600 IC is a moment in the history of the industry, both for the city and the country. We are particularly pleased that Debrecen can also be home to the booming domestic bus industry. Our city could soon become a major centre of European vehicle production, and we will do our utmost to ensure that local companies like ITK Holding Zrt. are successful and contribute to the country’s performance”

Dr. Papp László

Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város polgármestere