One of the pillars of our company’s success is the constantly evolving practical and theoretical expertise.


…with nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience

The role we play in the practical and theoretical training of the professionals of tomorrow has been a priority since our company was founded. Through curriculum development, vocational training and dual training for university courses, we aim to train young talent to a high standard. An important milestone in this direction was the inauguration of the Education, Development Centre and Experimental Plant in Debrecen in 2017. Shortly afterwards, we became involved in the adult education of the Brassai Samuel Technical Secondary School of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre, and in 2018 we signed a tripartite strategic agreement with the University of Debrecen and the Municipality of Debrecen. In the framework of this agreement, Inter Traction Electrics Ltd. can train vehicle engineers as an external department of the University of Debrecen, and can also provide technical training and participate in the dual training of engineering students. In addition to the University of Debrecen, it has a dual training agreement with one of the capital’s most prestigious educational institutions, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

Under the cooperation agreement extended in 2019 with the Vocational Training Centre of Debrecen and the Vocational Training Centre of Berettyóújfalu, we will accept students for the Mechanical, Transport and Electromechanical-Electronic groups of professions, also in the framework of dual training.  The aim of the apprenticeship is to enable students to combine theoretical and practical knowledge in the workplace and in the job that corresponds to the future qualification, and to acquire knowledge of materials and tool technology and practical skills during the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship will also teach them how to communicate with colleagues, how to fit into the workplace, how to work together on projects and how to think together. We also ensure that future professionals can learn the practical basics of the profession from experienced employees and get to know our company culture, as both theoretical and practical training take place in real-life conditions at our Debrecen site. This ensures that the necessary employee competences are developed in the work processes.  Within the framework of this cooperation, we have trained 13 of our colleagues in evening courses in welding and 9 of our employees in industrial mechanics. The former passed their exams and received their certificates in June 2021.

In 2020, we have also established cooperation with the Kecskemét Vocational Training Centre and the Budapest Mechanical Engineering Vocational Training Centre, so we have joined the vocational training of students there too. We also have no secret intention to help our professional succession from the pool of students we have met on placement. To this end, we support our selected students with company scholarships during their secondary school years. We will also provide opportunities for further professional development and the pursuit of higher vocational studies.

The new law on vocational training, Vocational Training 4.0, gave us the opportunity to make an old dream come true: we opened a workshop at our Debrecen site, where we welcome students under an apprenticeship contract.By 2021, in a unique way in the country, 98 students had the opportunity to do a training related to their future profession in our workshop. The Vocational Training Act strictly regulates the quality of the curriculum, the technology and the learning conditions in the workshops. Our company has complied with this accreditation for several training courses

Mechanical engineering sector:

  • welding training
  • industrial engineering training
  • Transport and freight forwarding:
  • logistics technician training

Specialised machinery and vehicle manufacturing sector:

  • car manufacturer training
  • body shop training
  • training as an alternative vehicle technician
  • automotive mechatronics technician training

Engineer training:

  • mechatronics engineer (university education)
  • mechanical engineer (university education)
  • technical manager (university education)
  • vehicle engineer (university course)
  • economic engineer (university education)

Under the new law, students who study with us are entitled not only to a salary, but also to extra benefits for our employees, such as a cafeteria. In order to meet these requirements, our premises can provide examination venues and facilities for examinations on request. 

Within the framework of dual training, we also provide retraining for skilled workers changing careers and training for non-skilled but committed adults. This included our welding training programme, launched in 2019 in partnership with the Berettyóújfal Vocational Training Centre, which saw students receive their accredited certificates in the summer of 2021